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Little Bites of Happiness

Berra Bites are pureed mixed fruit pieces covered in smooth dark chocolate. We proudly don’t use any artificial flavorings or preservatives to enhance the flavor of our little fruit centers- we like to keep everything natural. So, when you’re biting into one of our delicious Berra Bites, you know that you’re tasting real fruit with the yummy added bonus of dark chocolate.

bites of goodness

Natural is the best policy

our story

about berra bites 


When we were growing up, one of our favorite sweet snacks to make at home were yummy fresh fruits dipped in chocolate- like the all-time classics strawberries and bananas dipped in chocolate.

Now that we’re older, we asked ourselves, why not make a chocolate and fruit snack similar to what we used to make as kids, but in a snackable version instead?

We put our creative minds together and got to work in our kitchen. We tested out many flavor combinations, trying to get just the right balance of dark chocolate and mixed fruit. After many attempts, and having many extended family members and friends taste test like crazy, we think we finally created something amazing!

The story behind our name

“Sarah Berra!” our mother would say as she called out Sarah’s name to get her attention. As a result, the nickname stuck. In part of keeping the closeness of our family, coming up with a name for our product was not a tough decision.

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